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Khoman hydrokinetic generator is an all year round cutting-edge electricity generation solution. It utilizes a patented hydrokinetic induction technology developed by khoman engineering limited to produce kinetic energy which is harnessed by a turbine or position mechanisms attached to an alternator to generate electricity for various application areas. Khoman hydrokinetic generators do not run on fuel and the principle used is independent of the prevailing weather conditions to operate. The generators have plentiful base load energy which qualifies the technology as a perfect electricity energy solution choice. Our products range from 10kva generators to 100MW power plants. This series includes high and low voltage generators, whose benefits include;

  • electricity bill cuts
  • Carbon neutral
  • No intermittency (24hour 7 day electricity generation)
  • No need for power storage
  • Power generation is silent and unintrusive
  • Minimal maintenance required


LPLS 390-280KW

LPLS 413-300KW

LPLP 450-230KW



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© 2018 Khoman Engineering Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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