• Sustainable Energy and clean Environment.
    The khoman hydrokinetic engine promise to serve global electricity demand in sustainable manner, having addressed the intermittency and emission challenges, this technology has positioned itself as the true energy technology of the future.
  • Grid and off grid Infrastructure
    Khoman has built a technology that will address grid and off grid electricity demands in an efficient way to our cities and homes.
  • The Future of enterprises
    Khoman energy technological innovation will help enterprises cut costs and become more productive and efficient.

Khoman Engineering

Khoman is a renewable energy powerhouse focusing on the area of hydrokinetic engine production for electricity generation. It develops hydrokinetic engines for sale and develops and holds utility scale hydrokinetic projects for electricity generation. Currently the company operates three business models build for sale, build to hold and build to lease.

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The 2018 Startup Istanbul Event is here. Founders, Investors and Executives are meeting yet again to stur up the world...

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